Ames Insurance Resources

What is Insurance?

What is insurance exactly? Ames Insurance Center addresses this commonly misunderstood topic in a short video!

Why Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

Why wouldn’t you!? Ames Insurance Center walks you through the importance of renter’s insurance!

What to Do After an Accident?

Screech of tires and debris flying everywhere. Do you know what do to after you get in an accident? Ames Insurance Center takes you step by step through what to do after you are involved in a collision.

What Limits are Right for You?

Insurance can be a strange and unknown land for customers. We sat down with Julie Waters, CLU, CPCU, to discuss what limits are appropriate for auto insurance to help ease the stress of looking for insurance.

Insurance 101

According to Webster’s New Standard Dictionary of the English Language, insurance means “secure against losses”. At Ames Insurance Center, we know that insurance is not that simple and can be confusing. One of our goals is to make the insurance process easier for our customers. Listed below are common insurance terms to help you understand and become more comfortable with your insurance program.